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Organ Dedication Concert

Sunday, April 28th @ 3 pm, Maestro Hector Olivera

​Following the concert, there will be a reception in Fellowship Hall. Click on the following link to sign up to donate food for the reception:

Organ Concert Reception Food Donations > 

Our new Allen Hybrid Pipe-Digital Organ was designed by Maestro Olivera and our console bears a signature plate with his name. This concert is a gift from Allen Organ to our congregation and community. Please invite your friends and family to join us for this spectacular afternoon of music.  


Since entering the Buenos Aires Conservatory as a child prodigy at age six, Maestro Hector Olivera has become one of the most sought-after and revered international concert organists of the present time.

“The Times Reporter” describes an evening with Mr. Olivera as: “An event, a happening, a joyful celebration of the sheer power and pressure that a true virtuoso like Hector Olivera can unleash in a concert hall.”

Born in Buenos Aires, Mr. Olivera began playing the pipe organ when he was three. At age five, he played for the legendary Eva Perón; at twelve, he entered the University of Buenos Aires and, by eighteen, had performed for heads of state and celebrities throughout Latin America. When offered a scholarship to the renowned Juilliard School of Music in New York, he moved to the United States.

Maestro Olivera has performed solo concerts throughout the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Central and Latin America, and as a guest soloist with prominent symphony orchestras worldwide.

In 2023, Maestro Hector Olivera received the prestigious “Delta Omicron Gold Crest,” awarded to musicians with an outstanding musical career, reputation, and international renown.


Hector Olivera continues to dazzle audiences with his prodigious technical proficiency and his charismatic stage personality. Whether in a prestigious venue like Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Constitution Hall, or Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the most sophisticated and demanding organ aficionados claim that Maestro Hector Olivera is “one of the finest organists in the world today.”


New Gosh is a combination of human beings who live & work, who love & suffer, who worry & hope.  No two people are alike.  The one thing we hold in common is our faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission


New Goshenhoppen lives as a firm foundation for the Christian faith and shall continue to serve God by sharing the light, faith, and love of Jesus Christ with all people guided by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Music & Worship

Our church has a number of opportunities to lift praises to the Lord.  Sing in our Senior and Youth Choir groups.  Play an instrument?  Join our Brass or Bell Choirs.  



Sunday services are held in-person at 8:00 am & 10:30 am in the Sanctuary.  Live Streamed service begin at 10:30 am (use link at top of page).  

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My friendly cardiologist said to me the other day, “Dr. Williams’ laughter is the best medicine for the heart. A good chuckle is enough to expand cardiac tissue and increase the flow of oxygen through the body, thus exercising a weakened heart.” He had read a study before he saw me and desired me to know that he appreciated my “joyful” attitude each time he encountered me.

Scientists in Brazil set out to prove that “laughter therapy” can improve cardiovascular health and easy symptoms of heart disease. Professor Marco Saffi said, “Our study found that laughter therapy increased the functional capacity of the cardio-vascular system.”

Researchers looked at 26 adults at an average age of 64 who had previously been...

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