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Mission & Outreach

Disaster Ministry

Since 2007, New Gosh members have organized mission trips to various parts of the country and beyond, helping people and communities recover from hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters.  For some communities, like New Orleans, this included mission trips over several years. 


Our mission trips have included travelling to:

  • Harleysville area (storm damage)

  • Daytona Beach (hurricane relief)

  • Bethany Children's Home (maintenance)

  • Atlantic City (superstorm Sandy relief)

  • Tuscaloosa (tornado recovery)

  • New Orleans (hurricane Katrina relief)

  • Rhode Island (Irons Homestead maintenance)

  • New Orleans (hurricane Katrina & Rita relief)

  • N. Carolina (Franklinton Ctr @ Bricks maintenance)

  • Guatemala (earthquake recovery)

  • New Orleans (hurricane Katrina relief)

Feeding the Hungry

New Gosh participates with local mission teams feeding meals and collecting food for those in need.  This includes the "1st Monday Meal" dinner where New Gosh members travel to local churches to prepare and host community meals. 

Working with our community partners, New Gosh collects food donations which are then distributed to those in need by the local food pantry at Open Link (click here for Open Link Food Pantry details).  

New Gosh has also hosted an Older and Wiser Luncheon for community members 80 and over.  A number of persons from local nursing homes join with our members to enjoy a day out, with food, fellowship, and entertainment.  

Meadows Fund

Funding for a brighter tomorrow.  The Goschenhoppen Meadows Fund provides additional funds for Ministry, Mission, and Maintenance.  These funds are dispersed annually to project requests submitted by the congregation.  To submit a request, members use the following forms:


        Ministry Application

        Mission Application

        Maintenance Application


For details on the Submittal Process click here.


Financial support for the spread of the Good news and Christian acts of love in places beyond our reach and control such as:

  • Partnering with local service organizations to help address local needs

  • Funding local, state, national, and world ministries

  • Supporting schools, hospitals, churches in US and globally.


Making sure our facility continues to be a safe, accessible, welcoming and beautiful place such as:

  • Contributing toward capital improvements of the building which are not in normal budget

  • Maintaining the grounds according to preservation guidelines


Things we as Disciples of Christ can do for the sake of the Gospel such as:

  • Developing leaders

  • Theological education for all ages

  • Providing service to needy people

  • Enhancing worship

  • Environmental training and discovery

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