Pastor's Message - View from the Pulpit...

Rather than just jumping into the article here, let me say that June is somewhat of a month of transition this year for New Goshenhoppen Church. Many things remain as they have and continue to grow and expand, while a few things are experiencing change. I always remember that aphorism that change shows growth and being alive. As the newsletter deadline for June is in May, I am taking this opportunity to write to you, even though we will have concluded our time together by the advertised date of this communication.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun. That said, I find it hard to believe that my time as Interim Senior Pastor is coming to a close. This time frame and this calling have been very fulfilling, but at times quite slow in the days, while being quite quick in the months!  In a leave-taking portrayal that I would call kind of bittersweet, at one glance my time here has been rather very challenging (and not fun at all!) as we dealt with the vicissitudes of the pandemic, the ups and downs of finding our way through a very difficult time as a church, and as church leaders. We experienced significant loss within the families of our congregation, disruptions to our schedule, transition of staff, and aspects of the pandemic which inevitably took a toll on our gathered life.


But at the same time the bittersweet theme means another aspect of my coming here has been such a joy: to be back among the New Goshenhoppen congregation, to work again with people committed to the ongoing life of this church, to renew fond memories, and to catch up with those I knew many years ago while coming to know those whom had united with the congregation in the years since my departure. Further, our online presence has veritably bloomed. We’ve moved into a chapter of our life which has meant a lifestyle among a changing set of variables. The New Goshenhoppen Park has seen significant and valuable modifications. The Nursery School’s ministry to the community has been enhanced. The Organ Campaign is many steps closer to fruition. And while we still have a ways to go in the continued return from pandemic, we are returning to aspects of our life together which had not seen the light of day in over two years. One very obvious example of this has been the return of Fellowship Time after worship which only made a comeback in recent weeks.


Though I was only joining the congregation online on April 24th, I heard later of just how “electric” the feel was to be in person that day, with the recognition by so many of a new chapter beginning to unfold with the vote for our new Senior Pastor. My hope and my prayer is that the new chapter is a wonderful combination, yet to be worked out, be-tween the rich history we encounter here, an actively vibrant present, and a promisingly emerging future.

I pause with you in a prayerful hope: for God’s blessings in the coming years for this wonderful setting of mission and ministry!
In Christ,

Rev. Royer