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Now for something different: A Hymn Survey!

Perhaps you are familiar with the hymn “When Peace Like a River,” also known as “It is Well With My Soul.” The writer, Horatio Spafford, wrote it in desperate grief after his four daughters died when the ship on which they were traveling sunk in the ocean after a collision with another ship. The tune name for the hymn is named for the ship which sunk, Ville Du Havre. This happened two years after the family had lost everything in the Great Chicago fire of 1871.


But, as referred to above, there is a line of the refrain which is inspiring: “It is well with my soul.” Wow. It is said he wrote the hymn as a source to comfort himself.

There are many interesting stories about our hymns. Some are dramatic, such as “It is Well With My Soul”---others, perhaps not as much.

Do you have a favorite hymn? Are you willing to share with me what it (or they) might be? Simply drop me an email to the church office ( Try to get the information back to the Church Office by July 31. I’ll keep track of the returns and share the results in August.  Blessings to you!


Rev. Royer