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New Gosh Trail

The Land Use Committee created the New Gosh Trail as a way to share with the congregation and the community the beauty of our preserved land.


A trail of about one and a half miles in length circles around the edge of the farmed area. The trail is easy to follow and mowed seasonally. Some sections are in open areas with views of the farmed fields and other sections travel through woodlands. When walking the trail, it is important to stay on the trail so as to not damage farmland crops. During rainy times, sections of the trail can be muddy.

A number of bluebird boxes are located along the trail. In the woodland area, numerous birds can be heard and seen. Other wildlife can be seen if one walks quietly along the trail.

There is seasonal bow hunting permitted by arrangement with the farmer and the church to help control the deer herd.

A map of the trail can be found on the table outside the church office.  


One thing that can be seen from many sections of the trail is the New Goshenhoppen Church Steeple reminding hikers that we are blessed to be able to care for this part of God’s creation. The New Gosh Trail is a unique ministry resulting from the land preservation.

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